Product Lines

Product Lines

Megatech screw conveyors are custom designed to handle almost any material in almost any application. We have engineered and fabricated custom screw conveyors to move granular, flake, and chunk materials—pulp stock, coal, grapes, ice, and minerals. Corrosive and abrasive materials are not a problem.

We have built screw conveyors that move materials horizontally, vertically, or on inclined planes. We can integrate them into simultaneous hot and cold processes, and pressurized systems. We can incorporate dewatering, mixing, lump breaking, etc. into any conveyor design. We have been making screw conveyors up to 2440 mm (96 inch) diameter, with up to 25 mm (1 inch) flites, in mild steel, stainless steel, and hardened steel. We have manufactured constant diameter, tapered, and multi-diameter screws.

If the materials you are moving tend to bind on shafted conveyors, we would be more than willing to discuss shaftless conveyors with you. We have fabricated shaftless conveyors from 50 mm (2 inch) to 610 mm (24 inch) diameter, in a range of alloy steels, for numerous applications in sewage treatment and recycling operations.

Megatech truck dumpers are engineered for dependable performance in rugged day-to-day operations. Permanent configurations are available for drive-thru and extended arm (back-on) applications for grade-level or elevated discharge. Portable truck dumper models incorporate the same design features but allow for future relocation to readily adapt to your needs.

Standard configurations are available with platform lengths from 12 to 26 meters (40 to 85 feet) for elevating the trailer only or a tractor/trailer combination with rated loads up to one hundred tons at a 63-degree dumping angle.

While the drive-thru design already provides efficient routing of trucks and a faster dump cycle with minimum idle time, we can also provide a drive-through design with integrated scale. This minimizes yard space and reduces total time for the weigh and dump cycle.

We have designed, built, and upgraded a wide variety of mechanical materials handling systems. We have produced thousands of meters of belt conveyors and designed and built many types of chain conveyor—from 9-strand hopper to single strand flight designs.

We can also produce many common components and accessories such as rotary screens, mixer conveyors, lump breakers, belt slingers, belt trimmers, surge bins, live bottom floors (both screw and chain), and even diamond sorting towers.

We have been involved with the design, testing, and manufacturing of air-supported-belt conveyors, to suit the demanding requirements of export grain elevators. We have supplied systems to leading transfer stations across North America. Air Supported Belt Conveyors have several advantages to consider including:

Energy Efficient
Belts glide up inclines with little friction, so energy is saved for moving material.

Fully enclosed conveyors allow filters to remove dust throughout the system.

Low Maintenance
No more idlers to replace and belt wear is reduced because friction is not an issue.

High Capacity
Systems are presently available with up to seventy-two″ wide belts.

Megatech designs and builds a variety of pneumatic conveyors to transport wood chips, sawdust, shavings, and wood refuse to storage piles or your site-specific requirements.

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With over 40 years of experience in large structure fabrication, we can handle your project with efficiency and in a timely manner. Get in touch today to start a conversation.
With over 40 years of experience in large structure fabrication, we can handle your project with efficiency and in a timely manner. Get in touch today to start a conversation.